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The moral of the story is that I am unfollowing any kind of blog that has a 90% content rate of being stupid about their gender, or sexuality. 

If you are this “Cis” (Which is not a real thing by the by.) I don’t care. Apparently I am, and it is a slur? I don’t even trucking know. Toot toot.

If you are “Transexual” I do not care.

If your heart bleeds for all vaginas and think that men are cancer.

Done. With. Your. Face.

It’s time to start following porn blogs and producers of anime…  



i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

this stuff tastes like shit, oh my god

It pisses me off when people think I am arrogant. Or think I have a high self-image…

If people only know how truly I loathed my self, and assuming because I type or talk a certain way. 

I am not cocky, I am afraid. Uttering a single word in most conversations terrifies me. To think otherwise… UGH.

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Actually in relation to that anon's question, what if somebody asked you to make something because they didn't have the talent or equipment to?



I won’t bullshit you, if they had a good idea and the means to pursue that idea then I would absolutely work for them. I have worked for people who have ideas on how they want something to come to fruition but lack the Technical skill tO Make it happen by themSelves. there’s no shame in wanting something to take life but lacKing the skills yourself to mAke it happen but it is, in the very dirty truth, an industry so if you want something made… then, as much as i hate to say it…. you have to pay.